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Business Week explores the cache of secret brands, like American Apparel (brands without ubiquitous logo placement).

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Speaking of ELO, could someone please buy this for me… damn thats nice.

Ticket to the Moon

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On my way to pick up the Suicide Girls DVD [probably only the first page of that link is work-safe..], I discovered that one of the best albums ever has been re-released…

Time by ELO. I used to sit around my dads office room at our house (where the record player was) with my brother listening to it for hours.. all about time travel, the sometimes depressing electronic future, and falling in love with robots. Heavy on vocoder and synths, it is still one of my absolute favorites, and has been until now very hard to find (though I still have that original vinyl copy).




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Our friend from back on the east coast, Gina, mysteriously materialized in our neighborhood coffee shop yesterday. We hadn’t seen her in 6 years or so. We kidnapped her for the day and took her to Sunset Junction – the east side LA street festival. We got to see Eagles of Death Metal, Suicide Girls (who showed us more than they are really allowed to, thank you very much SGs.), and CHAKA KAHN!!! (yes, we skipped the New York Dolls for that.)

Keep up the good work, Echo Park.

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Some insane Roadshow Rally Drive in Movie thing where you have to go and find the Malibu from Repo Man hidden somewhere in LA – and you GET TO KEEP IT – is happening in my back yard right now. So far, that is the coolest thing to happen out in our backyard/empty lot.

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Osborn, the office I work at, recently got some props from the NYTimes for its part in the California Design show at the Pasadena Museum of California Art. Featured at the top is a stenciled elevator enclosure which is part of our renovations to a public school in the valley.

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Holy giant wind walking rhinoceros geometric chaotic insantity!

This thing is hot, even cooler than a Delorean! Maybe. At least more angular.

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City Zoning unleases the power of the Occult.

“Though the amulet had long been dismissed as urban legend, a mythical ideal of zoning perfection handed down from city planner to city planner, LaMere became convinced that not only was it real, but that it had been used to lay out the cities of Ur, Atlantis, and Inver Grove Heights, MN.”

[yes, that means its Tuesday again!]

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Don’t miss SoundWalk 2005, a one-night event of sound installations by over 50 local and international sound artists in the East Village Arts District of Downtown Long Beach, tomorrow! (Sat. Aug. 20, 5-10pm.) Michele will be presenting her long awaited 5 channel installation, conversations between daughters.

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Hunter S. Thompson to go out with a blast this saturday! Shoot things off in joyous celebration! I recommend potato cannons