KMG Logo and Business Card Design

posted by on 2010.01.28, under design

A while back I designed a logo for my friend Kathleen Greenberg, an interior designer I have worked with on various projects through two different offices. I did this business card design for her too, just because I felt like it. I don’t think she is actually going to use it, but I like the potential of the prints of different materials used in her work for the back of the cards. The intention would be to curate and design a series of backs (these two are more placeholders) that relate directly to materials and patterns she has used on projects. Front is simple and straightforward with an understated but elegant font. Check out her work here.

MexiCali Biennial at Otis

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Here are a few images from the MexiCali Biennial that opened at Otis College of Art and Design’s Ben Maltz gallery last weekend:

From the MexiCali website:

“The MexiCali Biennial is a non-profit organization that aims to provide a platform for border crossing, progressive art exhibitions and events. These interventions, installations and performances encourage dynamic cultural exchanges that resonate within the fluid context of the territory covering Mexico and California. Concentrating on the border as the site of transgressions, this biennial distinguishes itself by tapping into a unique aesthetic derived from a culture of art and critical dialog evolving from the confluence of both countries in a region defined by its hybridism.

The first MexiCali Biennial took place in Mexicali in 2006 with the idea of producing an exhibition featuring artists from California and Mexico. The addendum of “Biennial” was a deliberate political choice—to add to an art show in Mexicali a term that came with the baggage of art-world prestige and exhaustion, a Biennial at a time when no one could stand the thought of another one. The aim was to provide artists with an opportunity to respond and transgress the overarching environmental context of the production and display of their work with a notion of conversation that engages both with the heavily funded and institutionalized Biennial framework and the less formal and often more innovative process of bi-national exchange that happens every day.”

Enough with the hiatus already.

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Yeah, yeah. Vacation is over, Winter Winter (2+ feet of snow right before I left) has been traded for LA Winter (awesome out with a chance of rain.. actually pouring right now with I-kid-you-not a 2 foot deep lake around my parked car). Not working and not connected to teh internets (parents house was a 2-week internet black-out during which I read a lot) has been traded for working working working working, hopefully some of which will be billed at some kind of hourly rate, some of which will be traded for, uh, street cred(?) and some of which will be chalked up to well I was going to do that anyway so who cares if no one’s paying me for it.
So. Its already busy back at the Rise Studios, with Michele furiously editing a freelance video project in between Otis responsibilities, which I am supposedly going to review tomorrow for sound and further editing, me trying to make my way through several hundreds of pages of technical structural study guide so that I can pass that exam when the time comes, also while looking into all the nooks and crannies around Los Angeles for the mythical, aforementioned Work That Pays which when found will sustain the lifestyle of care-free-artist-architect-musician-designer that is after all how I roll. Oh, and I got some super-cool digital sensors in the mail today so that I can rig up some Sci-fi hi-tech bio interface thingy to some syth software (ala the Vivarium project). PLUS! Still need to put on my nerd goggles and solder up a kick-ass synth project that has been sitting on my desk mocking me for about three months now. That and a handful of little Radio Shack style kits that when assembled will allow me to sonically influence the outcomes of both past and future events. What else? Web design continues for my own site which is filling up with content and not yet really designed (that’s the half-assed version as it is, and might just stay that way). Hmm. I think I completely lost the flow of that sentence-paragraph there. But you get the idea.
So, lets just say Two Thousand and Ten is off to a helluva start, and check back in here shortly when I have some actual news to post out to ya.