LA Downtown Arts District Art Walk this Saturday

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Rise Industries (well, Jeremy and Michele at least) will be opening their studio for the Arts District Art Walk tomorrow from 2:00 pm – 6:30 pm. Stop by, have a drink or snack, and check out what we’ve been making. Prints, cards, CDs and DVDs will be for sale too. Download map here.

The Everyday Exchange at MEME

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The Everyday Exchange will be at MEME next week!

The Everyday Exchange is a celebration of our daily routines—such as commuting to work, shopping for groceries, doing laundry, making breakfast…

Participants in the Exchange talk to each other about their routines. One person then makes a small present for their friend about these routines, or to be used during these routines. These gifts can be anything from a small artwork, to a poem, to a sound recording.

Visitors to the Exchange’s show at Meme will be able to see examples of past presents. They are also welcome to sit down and talk to Tim Devin about their own routines—and get a small present out of it.

Gallery hours: June 27- July 3rd 1pm to 8pm.
Closing : Saturday July 3rd, 6pm to 10pm

MEME: 55 Norfolk St, Cambridge MA

MEME website here
Exchange website here

for my father

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My father asked for a CD for father’s day, so I made him this.  Piano layerings and smooth and erratic free improvisation was most probably not what he was hoping for, but how boring would the world be if all our children grew up to be exactly how we want them to be??  The last track is the jazz standard ‘Israel’ by John Carisi.

Walks Through Walls – tonight and tomorrow night at Highways

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Our lighting designer, R. Christopher Stokes, took some beautiful photos at dress rehearsal. Things are looking good and we are all excited about the performances this weekend. Check it out!

shot by R. Christopher Stokes, 6/3/10

shot by R. Christopher Stokes, 6/3/10

Walks Through Walls

by Caleb Hammond

Two Nights:
8:30 pm, Friday June 4th and Saturday June 5th
for tickets, call 310-315-1459
or purchase online at

Walks Through Walls is written and directed by Caleb Hammond
featuring performances by Susan Josephs, Amber Skalski, Tim Ottman, Ceasar F. Barajas and Samantha Gregg
Set, video and sound design by Rise Industries (Jeremy J. Quinn and Michele Jaquis) with original music by Jeremy J. Quinn
Lighting Design by R. Christopher Stokes
Director’s Assistants: Nathalie Sanchez, Andrea Dominguez
Production Assistants: Hanna Kovenock, Jonathan Stofenmacher, Alex Becerra

shot by R. Christopher Stokes, 6/3/10

shot by R. Christopher Stokes, 6/3/10

shot by R. Christopher Stokes, 6/3/10

shot by R. Christopher Stokes, 6/3/10

shot by R. Christopher Stokes, 6/3/10

shot by R. Christopher Stokes, 6/3/10

MEWS-PARI this weekend!

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On Saturday, June 5, MEWS-PARI (the meaningful encounters with strangers preservation and reenactment initiative) will be doing its story-gathering/street theater thing at the Cambridge River/Figment Boston festival.
Since 2007, MEWS-PARI has been collecting people’s stories of their meaningful encounters with strangers. We’ve then been making maps and charts about them; writing dramatizations; creating free books; and reenacting the stories. 
At the festival, we’ll have a table with free books and dramatizations. we’ll be tape-recording people’s stories, and reenacting others with anyone who wants to join us.
We hope you’ll decide to join us!