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SCI-Arc Lecture series presents Karen Bausmann of Karen Bausmann + Associates this coming wednesday, (that is October 2). You can go to it and fugure out what they do.. here is a website that will help with that too. +++

To celebrate the opening of New York’s Museum of Sex go hunt around here. Check out the feature 1001 Nights in Manhattan… a sexspot/experience map of NYC. I only wish they would realize that setting pages to maximize to full screen is annoying as hell.

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Check out Karin Sander’s project Word Search, a catalog of words in 249 languages, written by residents of NYC, to be published in the NY Times on Oct. 4th. It is facinating to see so many languages that most people have probably never heard of, and to read the stories about the individuals who speak them.

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TONIGHT: The LAtch Gallery Presents:


The Daily Circus Sept. 28 – Oct. 27

Reception: Saturday September 28th 8pm -12am


A spectacular group show of Extraordinary painting, performance, video, sculpture, sounds, magic, installation, and other fantastic feats of Art


Featuring work by:

Tallon, B&T, Lauren Hartman, Christopher Wonder, Richard Soria, Michele Jaquis, Jeremy Quinn, Cinnamon Roll Gang, Curt Le Mieux, T.S. Lewis, Christopher Sprague, Joseph Mattson, Mike Slack, Matt Rebholz, Brooke Sauer, Tyler Ingle, Sibyl Wickersheimer, Bastard Co., Tynatoy, David Ferrera, Ry Rocklen, Narumi Ogawa, Lucy HG, Frank Martinez, Destiny Rogowski, and DJ Buck Wheaton


Curated by:

Tallon & Brooke Sauer


LAtch Gallery

5367 W. Washington Blvd.

Los Angeles, Ca. 90016



Look for a black security gate with the silver LAtch sign on the

North side of Washington across from “The Quick Stop Market (the corner of Washington & Hauser)

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Sam Jacobs from the London Architecture/Art/etc firm F.A.T. (Fashion, Architecture, Taste) came to SCI-Arc to give a chat last night. He had a slide of Corbu crying and they built a house that is sheer genius. You should go to their website RIGHT NOW and look around in it for no less than 15 minutes. Seriously, they rock, and are not afraid to point out that Complexity and Contradiction (uh, Venturi Scott Brown) is still one of the most important architectural texts out there. I tend to agree.

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Mmmmm, tasty. The graphic design and T-Shirts of Minnesota-LA. Get me a Homogenous or running with scissors T please. Dig the scrolling wood panel too. How nice is that? I see you can find their shirts at Vice in LA. Of course…

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Am recuperating from Thesis Presentations this past weekend – a re-presentation of proposals, development of methodology, and presentation of research/work accomplished so far. I will put a transcription of the Luxury Project review up as soon as I can type one out as well as a web version of the ideas presented.

Some interesting underlying currents seem to be guiding several projects – an interest in affect, focus on the effects of architecture rather than pure tectonics (both here can reference the Baroque), an examination of the gap between architecural ideas and the finished built product – in terms of the problems inherent in the standards of translation, namely working drawings and their conventions, an interest in the design of neutrality – in stark contrast to the super-flashy manipulation of form (see Guggenheim Bilbao). Anyway, this if just an observation of a few exciting ideas that kept surfacing during several reviews… it should be interesting to see what develops from here. The academic world of architecture could sure use a few new avenues to explore.

Coming up this weekend – on saturday – will be The Daily Circus. Another LAtch event, the Daily Circus will feature art and performances by a slew of LA based artists and musicians, including an installation by Michele Jaquis and myself and an onslaught of improvisational music I will also pitch in for. This event looks to be bigger (and maybe more organized judging by the advertising for it) than the previous ones. More info will be posted here soon.

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Kraftwerk Flash meets Kraftwerk – some interactive, some just to watch. Go waste some time there.

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Ok. Now as you can see, the news posts come up first when you open Rise. Doesn’t that make more sense? Anyway, that means now you have to click over there on Projects or Reviews to see what we are up to or have been out looking at. As some people have asked us ( and i am not sure how you could think this) – no, all the work we review at openings are not our shows nor is it our work. They are local (to LA) shows we go to and photograph for your viewing pleasure. And there are a lot more of them we have been too lazy to format for the web yet, so hopefuly we can somehow get them up soon.

And! The Luxury project is getting into full swing, as the school year has started up again. So there is some more info added to that section, including another Blog to keep track of meetings, communications and ideas as the project progresses. Sure you can read it, but I warn you, it is not as exciting as this here blog.

In the projects section are a couple of things for you, one is a screenprinted poster designed for an anti-violence campaign the LAUSD is undertaking (no, they are not using the poster of course, but they really liked it anyway).

The other is an installation by Michele that she will be showing an expanded version of at Gallery 825 coming up in October. It is an audience interactive peice based on the concept of separation and reconnection in personal relationships.

As I said above, the Review section is still old. So if you haven’t seen that stuff yet, take a look. If you have, oh well. Be patient.

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GLITCH ART BLOG 03/2002 “Debugging punch-cards. Soggy cards = soggy wisuelles, so don’t

place your Top Deck cans on my neat punch-cards with accurate

rectilinear holes!!”

This man is a genius. Look at his site with awe and growing apprehension.

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This Saturday (14th) Rise Industries will be showing a video entitled “Each and every one of us are alone forever.” as part of a group show at Gallery 825.

The show, Expose(d) was juried by Lisa Melandri, Co-Deputy Director of Exhibitions and Programs at the Santa Monica Museum of Art.

Also showing at 825 will be three solo shows by Miller Updergraff, Jill Specht and JC Jaress.

The reception begins with a gallery talk by the solo show artists at 6:00, and continues to 9:00. Gallery 825 is located at 825 La Cienega blvd (just before Santa Monica Blvd, on the west side of the street). Valet parking is available. See for more info on Gallery 825.