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Surprise surprise, WalMart is evil. The latest news seems to be that Wal-Mart and other retailers are lobbying for global rules in the WTO that could be used to challenge local communities’ land use laws on “big box” stores. Merry Christmas, your community is getting a new WalMart whether you like it or not.

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U.S. District Judge John E. Jones III, a Republican appointed by President Bush, slams the hell out of Intelligent Design in an eloquent and rational pair of statements.

“..did not confine his opinion to the missteps of a local school board. Instead he explicitly sought to vanquish intelligent design, the argument that aspects of life are so complex as to require the hand, subtle or not, of a supernatural creator. This theory, he said, relies on the unprovable existence of a Christian God and therefore is not science.”

Merry Christmas everybody!

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I have always liked this song by The Farm, about the Christmas cease fire of 1914 during WWI.. TMN has a link to the amazing story. A brief moment of sanity in the middle of a bloody war.

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Is this what it takes to get a Western Barbeque Burger around here? Jeez.

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Big, Bad-ass, gas powered, monowheel bike. Just in time for Xmas.

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Today at The Morning News, The Hyperbole Towers, an Onion-worthy look at New York’s (though it could just as well be LA’s) condo promotion adjective inflation.

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Looking around for some holiday gifts, I noticed that the New York Public Library is selling a nice collection of historical maps. I am always a sucker for an old engraving..

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Thanks to everyone who came out to the Luxxury show last night.. after multiple delays, the did actually take the stage and rock the place. Keep an eye out for them around LA, looks like they will be back before too long.

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My dad sent me a link this story about Yurt dweller William Coperthwaite. Maybe we should all build ourselves Yurts, and just live off the land. It used to be my dream to live independently on a remote island in Maine. But its cold as nuts up there.

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SO – the Rise Studio DSL has been screwed up for almost a week now, so the emails I am supposed to send out announcing upcoming shows have not gone out.. this means I hope that someone out there checks this friendly blog now and again.

For all of you in LA, this Thursday the 8th I have a gig projecting video for the fantastic band Luxxury at the Key Club‘s Plush Lounge (the downstairs space) on Sunset Blvd. Doors are at 9, Luxxury rocks your pants off at 9:30. I have been prepping for this one for a while, and Luxxury kicks some serious ass – so try and not miss it.

The show is free, but you have to be on the list to get in. SO here is the deal – if you think you can make it, drop me an email ASAP and let me know. I will pass on the names to the venue. jquinn at rise-ind dot com

For the flyer, click here. Yeah, and I also designed that flyer fer them.