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OMG, Quick, where can I get $45,000?

Texas based DeLorean Motor Co. is going to start re-making the Delorean DMC-12 from scratch and I really, really, really have to have one. Or two.

It is the best car ever.

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I shot this little video the other day while checking out a building we are going to work on in West LA. I thought the light coming in through the slots was very beautiful. [It’s an avi file direct from my camera, so hopefully it will play on your computer.]

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So… I feel like I got back from our honeymoon and went straight to work – no transition time. Its been three weeks so far of teaching for OTEAM and making video clips for CARD with not much of a break. I am looking forward to August, although I start teaching again at the end of the month, perhaps I will have some time to get ready for my upcoming show at Gallery 825. I miss Hawaii! Anyway, if you are interested in seeing what we’ve been up to at OTEAM (Gus, Matt, myself and all our students) check out the OTEAM Wiki.

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This weekend I re-opened the Rise Industries Merchandising Division with a snappy re-design (now it looks like the rest of our orange dipped scheme) and a slew of new products. So if you are in need of some definitely unique, probably rather odd, designer stuff – jump right in.

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Oh. And just one more thing for all you people out in Los Angeles. The Lotus Festival is this weekend in Echo Park and as part of the festivities I will be performing in a Tai Chi demonstration on Sunday the 15th. The demo is organized by my teacher, Tim O’Connor. That will happen on the stage (well, there may be more than one stage, I am not sure which one if so) sometime between 2:00 and 3:00 pm. So come on over if you can make it. There are lots of other fun things to do at the Lotus Festival, and we always have a good time when we go.

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The wedding, by the way, was fantastic. All went really well, and we had a great time. We even got legally married! Crazy, I know. Photos from the event are all over the place currently and not organized to post yet. I do, however, have a slew of photos from our 8 day trip to Hawaii. We stayed on the big island, part of the time in Kona and part in Hilo. It was really amazing, paradise. I would highly recommend both places we stayed – the Royal Kona Resort in Kona, and especially the Hilo Honu Inn, a little Bed and Breakfast in Hilo that was wonderful.

For some photos, take a look over here.

If you want to see wayyyy too many photos (including all the ones in the above set) you can look here.

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Since we got back from Hawaii (well, Michele and I got married and then went to Hawaii) its been unbelievably busy around the Rise Industries West offices. Things are smoothing out a bit now, and I have started working on many Rise projects again. One thing I have lined up is a whole batch of T-Shirts. Here is one. I will have them up for sale soon I hope.
This one came out of us joking about architects who sell merchandise advertising themselves on their websites.. do you really want a T-Shirt advertising some LA architecture firm? Anyway, if you do buy a T-shirt off your architect, you can buy this one after you get fed up and fire them. Um. Not to imply that you would fire those architects there, so don’t take it that way.
Plus, I wanted an architecture nerd T-shirt I could wear, and I really don’t like any of these shirts at all.