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Since we got back from Hawaii (well, Michele and I got married and then went to Hawaii) its been unbelievably busy around the Rise Industries West offices. Things are smoothing out a bit now, and I have started working on many Rise projects again. One thing I have lined up is a whole batch of T-Shirts. Here is one. I will have them up for sale soon I hope.
This one came out of us joking about architects who sell merchandise advertising themselves on their websites.. do you really want a T-Shirt advertising some LA architecture firm? Anyway, if you do buy a T-shirt off your architect, you can buy this one after you get fed up and fire them. Um. Not to imply that you would fire those architects there, so don’t take it that way.
Plus, I wanted an architecture nerd T-shirt I could wear, and I really don’t like any of these shirts at all.

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