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Though I know it is going to be a crappy, overblown, hollywood blockbuster of a film with an unnecessary romantic sub-plot, I am curious about how “Kingdom of Heaven” will portray both sides of the Crusades. Its a tricky film to make at this point in history – and has the potential to be either enlightening and mind opening (but think, from hollywood? And given the subject matter?) or just damaging to any deeper understanding between Muslim and Arab cultures and Christian and Western cultures.

On the upside, actor Khaled El Nabawy who plays Saladin in the film, has high hopes for its cross-cultural appeal and even-handedness. Since hollywood has an astounding power to shape opinion in the US, lets hope so.

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In protest of the proliferation of gated communities in LA (and beyond), a group of designers/architects/and urban planner types called Heavy Trash went around LA this week erecting bright orange towers which you can climb in order to peek into exclusive, gated communities.

Story: ++++

Heavy Trash website: ++++

Nice one! I will go try to photograph them this week, hopefully before the neighbors react.

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Some great photos from a Japanese site of abandoned theme parks… makes me drool. Slow to load, but worth it.
Set 1 | Set 2 | Set 3

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Hmm. Apparently the Millard House, or La Minatuara, was worked on in 1994… but I am pretty sure it needs work again (so the grapevine tells me). I will keep sleuthing though to see if I can find out its current condition.

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Speaking of Art in Ruins, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Millard house (sorry I can’t find any more images), one of the textile block houses, suffered quite a bit of damage in this years rains. I have been hearing that a possible restoration project is under consideration, but it may be too late to save it – especially if left in its present location (which is prone to flooding).

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Over at rAndom some folks are busy creating the coolest stuff I have ever seen. Check out this Watch Paper, and the Pixel Roller and Instant Labeling Tape. I’ll take 5 of each please. I got there via Coudal again.

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I had no idea… apparently, there is a live journal user with the name Art_In_Ruins. Who came first? I dunno, but they link to my site (and my buddy’s, NewEnglandRuins), so I’ll link to theirs.

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There is a great article in the New York Times today about the increasing complexity of TV (of all things). It explains quite nicely why 24 is the only thing I will watch, outside of the Simpsons of course. You might have to get a free log-in to view, but hey, its the New York Times.. why don’t you have one already? Sheesh.

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A poem for friday, for you:

J’ai vu les femmes


Quand elles chantant des chansons


il était il y a bien longtemps

Mais cest vrai

Hier j’ai commence a comprende

Porquoi elles étaient desolee


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“Cummings reveled in breaking the rules of grammar, punctuation, orthography, and lineation. Measured by sheer boldness of experiment, no American poet compares to him…” Billy Collins builds a case for e.e. – my favorite poet. Seen at TMN.