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Meet iGuy. Proof that people will make, or buy, anything. Of course, I’m gonna get one.

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Tear down a historic hotel built in 1901 for a measley 82 parking lots. Providence? No, Detroit.

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The battle over Sci-Arc’s building, the land it sits on, the 8 acres next door (my backyard currently), and probably the very future of the school continues. Apparently the situation is a bit worse than I thought, with the possibility of Sci-Arc being thrown out of its new building very real.

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Happy 25th of May! In Paris, 1968, students took over for a while, workers went on strike, television and radio news ceased broadcast, and the government was forced to try negotiation. Here are some artifacts: posters, slogan. Lots of info and a time-line are linked on this page. And don’t forget to watch Bertolucci’s The Dreamers tonight to celebrate.

If anyone can find a CD of the band “The 25th of May” please, please send me a copy. I have been searching for a long time.

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I know this isnt architecture or art related, but it is something I noticed and need to be critical about… Chrysler calls its Pacifica SUV a “Safety Utility Vehicle”? Who are they trying to fool? According to the Highway Safety BoardSUVs kill more people in the cars they impact.

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Apparently, “the number of the beast, contrary to popular belief, is 616, the area code of Grand Rapids, Michigan”. So I guess I can keep the 666 tattoo now.

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Shooting animals by remote control rifle – “violent computer game gone awry or … equivalent of an online slaughter.”
But the Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle, a remote controllable jet capable of “immediate lethal strike”, will simply “reduce the cost per target killed”.
Yeah, we have been using them for years.

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So I feel like I have been in seculsion, but in reality I have been coordinating the BFA show at Otis College of Art and Design‘s School of Fine Arts. I must say there are some great artists exhibiting this year, 50 to be exact. Check it out: May 2- 22. The recption is this Friday, May 13, 6-9 pm.

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Fantastic illustrating/artist/painters Kozyndan are showing new stuff this weekend in LA at Sixspace. Go to it! Info here ++++

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Woke up late. Rainy out. Traffic bad on the 5. But its been a great morning – because I was listening to FALCO all the way to work.