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This will give you some idea of the scope of the fires out in the LA/San Diego area today – watching the news last night, its just horrific. Everything seems to be on fire. There is even thinned out smoke and occasional bits of ash drifting over Santa Monica and Culver City.


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This Saturday come see us at the LAtch!

LAtch Gallery

Presents :

“American Made”

Saturday October 25th 8pm -12am

$3.00 cover = complimentary drink

Featuring Art Work by:

Ben Jackel & Chris Grant

Musicial Performances by:

Cool Headed Logician &

DJ Olivia

Video by:

Rise Industries (Jeremy Quinn & Michele Jaquis)

Curated by:


LAtch Gallery

5367 W. Washington Blvd.

Los Angeles, Ca. 90016


For more info see:


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Was looking up Hilti Shot Pins and came across this page.. crazy caver rock exploding advice? Here is a tidbit:

“Also, remember that if you ARE there, or maybe your head’s in the bucket, your vis will fall instantly to zero when the rock dust blasts from the hole. Underwater cave shaving is not to be taken lightly. Cave diving is the most dangerous sports pursuit possible and setting off explosions next to your head at the end of a 500m sump is like Neil Armstrong taking up nude tiger sucking.. with his head in a bucket.”


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Went to see this show at Peres Projects this weekend. Rocks. Hope to have photos up bythis weekend. Look at these for now though. peres projects | Various Artists : HOVERING

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“It’s strange that fire moves in this and has eyes. Oh no, the fire’s coming. It’s going to eat you. Are these barrels alive, too? Everything’s alive. And Donkey Kong’s mouth is made of pluses. Look: Plus, plus, plus, minus. They’re trying to teach you math by brainwashing you.”

Kids play and comment on the video games we grew up on. Hilarious, and old feeling making, especially as this is my 29th birthday. Read the part about the ET game, I just almost spit coffee on my computer…Kids Play

Of course I yoinked the link from TMN

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Just a reminder of upcoming events:

TONIGHT! Oct 18: Now, and Now Again at The Wedge in the Woman’s Building in Los Angeles.

NEXT WEEKEND! Oct 25: American Made at the LAtch in Los Angeles.

IN NYC! October 24-26 Caleb Hammond presents “FIRE 5.0” at FluxFactory, Long Island City, Queens along with special guest perfomances, installations and screenings Friday and Santurday, doors at 8:30pm Sunday, Doors at 3 pm admission is sliding scale, and suggested: $5 – $10

A partial list of participants includes:

Musician and Composer; Jessica Pavone, NYC

Sound Artist and Sculptor, Liz Fiorentino, Boston

Video Artist, Sarah Rushford, Connecticut

Classical Spanish Guitarist, Shogo Kubo, NYC

Guitarist and Compose, Mary Halvorson, NYC

Video Artist, Michele Jaquis, Los Angeles

more to be announced.

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Today’s featured three letter bands—> ELO JET

Ablums are Out of the Blue and Get Born, respectively. Both rule.

Incidentally, ELO was on Jet records back then. And we all know abou the Wings connection I think.

I had the ELO album on vinyl, and had to go and get in on CD so I could listen at work. The album art on the original is incredible. If I can find a link to that, I will put one up. Or scan it myself.

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A little about where I come from (the Northeast, not the Bronx though), and perhaps why I am not there anymore:

“Some people claim that American men have trouble expressing their emotions. Not at Yankee Stadium or Fenway Park. Toward the end of the game I attended in the Bronx, when it was clear the Yankees were going to win, the Yankee partisans turned to their brethren from the Bay State to let them know which part of the anatomy they resemble.

They started chanting a two-syllable word to summarize this conclusion. First they chanted it in reference to the Red Sox fans. Then they chanted it in reference to the Red Sox players. Then they chanted it in reference to nothing, just for the aesthetic satisfaction of it. Art for art’s sake.”

read the rest here ++++

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K10K Reminds us all to celebrate 10-10 with a trip to the Powers of Ten website and perusal of the Eames film and or book. I got em both at home if you wanna come over and discuss it over a scotch. 10yrs aged of course. in a 10oz glass.


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I have begun reading Salam Pax: The Clandestine Diary of an Ordinary Iraqi. Get it!!. It’s important. That’s all I can say. Or read it online at Where is Raed?

I still prefer reading analog.