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Zen genius – The Infinite Cat project. +++

Seen at K10K

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A wide swath was cut through the Saatchi Collection by a warehouse fire yesterday. Lots of great work lost.. I hope they had some of the older Jake and Dinos Chatman works stored elsewhere. I can’t even imagine what all of that work was insured for. I am sure we will find out though.

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Here are some action photos, from Concrete Disciples: +++ +++

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I went to go skate this +++ last night, and man am I sore today. The place is super sweet, but you gotta watch out for all the pro-level guys that flock to it after work hours. Saw someone tying to pull a Miller Flip !!! !!! on the big bowl. I will try to find some photos of the park in action around the web, or just go take some myself next time I am over there.

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Archinect has relaunched – with a serious redesign, and is much better all around.

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The New York Times +++ reports that PS1 has kicked off an online radio station – broadcasting 24 hrs. a day. Have a listen here +++.

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Yesterday I read Susan Sontag‘s essay in the NYT Magazine and last night Jeremy and I watched Full Metal Jacket. Both make me realize that US military’s abuse/torture of its prisoners is almost inevitable after what soldiers go through in boot camp. If their superiors can treat them so poorly with verbal and sometimes physical abuse why would soldiers not feel it is appropriate to do the same to others who they feel are “below them”? Rumsfeld and Bush should be impeached and charged with war crimes.

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$$$$ Map of campaign contributions, by street address and size of contribution, in the cities across the country. Very interesting indeed – not only to see what money comes from where, but that this data can even be mapped.

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Just for fun, you should download Fanfare for the Common Man, crank up your speakers, and let that play for a while. Then go back to what ever you were doing. I would do so right now, but I have no sound card here at the office. Shame.

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In case you were wondering what my indy-folk-rock project Crocket the Ironmonger sounds like, I posted a few tracks up at Garage Band +++. Make sure you got Real Player, then go take a listen. The latest EP, Ballpeen, is going to be available soon – as free mp3’s or as a CD which I will sell super cheap (just to cover CD’s and paper insert costs). So check back in on that one.