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Ok. Now as you can see, the news posts come up first when you open Rise. Doesn’t that make more sense? Anyway, that means now you have to click over there on Projects or Reviews to see what we are up to or have been out looking at. As some people have asked us ( and i am not sure how you could think this) – no, all the work we review at openings are not our shows nor is it our work. They are local (to LA) shows we go to and photograph for your viewing pleasure. And there are a lot more of them we have been too lazy to format for the web yet, so hopefuly we can somehow get them up soon.

And! The Luxury project is getting into full swing, as the school year has started up again. So there is some more info added to that section, including another Blog to keep track of meetings, communications and ideas as the project progresses. Sure you can read it, but I warn you, it is not as exciting as this here blog.

In the projects section are a couple of things for you, one is a screenprinted poster designed for an anti-violence campaign the LAUSD is undertaking (no, they are not using the poster of course, but they really liked it anyway).

The other is an installation by Michele that she will be showing an expanded version of at Gallery 825 coming up in October. It is an audience interactive peice based on the concept of separation and reconnection in personal relationships.

As I said above, the Review section is still old. So if you haven’t seen that stuff yet, take a look. If you have, oh well. Be patient.

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