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Fuzzy out here in LA today. Sort of puts you off, since it’s just not supposed to actually act like fall in the fall.

Couple of things for you this week:

One is that Rise Industries contributor Michele Jaquis is having a show this Friday at the Hatch Gallery (Los Angeles). On view will be two video installations:

“Reparations”, in which mundane objects and activities are charged with the symbolism of a greater attempt to make amends for wrongs, whether it is within oneself, between individuals, or between larger groups of humanity; and “Missing”, a two channel video installation showing opposing views of separate airport arrival gates, placing the viewer in flux between the two. In the wake of September 11th, this installation that was originally about the artist’s relationship with her father, is given a new and broader meaning.

The show opens this friday night at 7pm, and will run until November 4th. For more information, see the Hatch Gallery/ Bastard Company website here.

The other is, Rise Industries welcomes new contributor Caleb Hammond. Caleb is a perfomance artist/director who creates and performs in large scale multi-media theatrical performances, most recently at the Yale Center for British Art in New Haven. Hopefully soon I can get up a better description of his work. He should be slinging some news about goings-on over on the east coast, New England, New York, and beyond…

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