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“The Last Time I Saw…”

The final version of “The Last Time I Saw…” is now available on the project’s website. The stories can be accessed either as a free PDF book, or as an interactive map.

“The Last Time I Saw…” is a Providence RI-specific book/art project that documents:

1. the last time area residents saw someone who means something to them, but who they no longer speak to; and
2. the exact locations where these meetings or sightings took place.

The project has gathered 30 or so stories by 20 or so residents. During 2007, we also led people on a story-telling walking tour of Providence, and distributed 300 free copies of the book.

(Please note: we still have some copies of the book available. If you’d like a free copy in exchange for postage, please email Tim at . Thanks!)

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