Go Far…

posted by on 2008.07.03, under Uncategorized

I have been looking around half-assedly for a new car these days, as mine at 16 years is nearing the end of its useful life (at least for me). Major draws for me are style, power, and MPGs, though not always in that order. Given that, VW’s new concept car, which will go into limited production for 2010, hits all three with an emphasis on the MPG part. 282 to be precise. They are doing a hell of a job dethroning Toyota as the most fuel-efficient car maker. Plus, I still think the Prius is butt-ugly and apparently drives like a golf cart.
If, like me, you can’t wait until 2010 to pay over 30 grand for a two seater, then check out the upcoming Jetta diesel with a rumored 60 mpg on the highway. Its lacking in the style category, but making up for it with mileage.


Bah, the new Jetta got rated 41 mpg (if my memory serves me right, go google it cuz I’m probably wrong). Not good enough. Maybe I will try to stick with my ‘ol GTI and start riding my bike to work some days. Its only 20 miles.

jeremy ( August 6, 2008 at 1:14 am )