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Got this in my inbox today, regarding the Cover Garments project:

“Is this some kind of joke? I truely hope it is…..this is some of the worst, most unoriginal, poorly written, cheesey, crap I have seen in quite a while. Learn how to write, learn how to design, and get some actual values outside of your inarticulate, consumer driven world. I sincerely hope this is not what you learned to do in school. God, I hope it’s a joke.”

Yes, we are laughing our asses off….

Still trying to find a way out of the consumer driven world, if anyone sees an exit – please drop us a line.

On a local note: if you are in Los Angeles tonight I hope you are heading over to Chung King road shortly (6:00 to later) for a peek at several openings, see you there.

Oh, and perhaps you were directed here by one of my trusted news sources, themorningnews or archinect. Many thanks to those folks for the links!

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