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Today in Los Angeles it was clear.

Bright, hot, dry and extremely clear. Clarity is the sort of thing I never really noticed about the air (anywhere else) until I moved out here. A clear day is beautiful – it seems pure in some way. To make it even better, driving into dowtown on the 10 freeway you get a view of the skyscrapers framed by the mountains and hills beyond, wrapping all the way around the city to the north and west. I could even see the radio or weather station antennae on top of the mountains. Once dowtown, the sun became opressive, pushed by a hot and dry Santa Ana wind. Somehow the view, the sense of distance, the details of the mountains, had a kind of cooling effect. Very calming. East of downtown, in the SCI-Arc parking lot, the view opened up once again. I could pick out a couple of police helicopters in the space between the buildings and the mountains somewhere. It really couldn’t diminish the heat at this point, but still brought with it a sensation of release. Happy emptiness.


This probably doesn’t make a lot of sense, but it is reasurring to me that LA can be very beautiful now and then. And quiet.

Soon I will get back to work on more Rise related issues.

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