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Been busy this weekend…

Added to the site are a few gallery surveys that have been kicking around in my computer for some time, and some newer stuff too. There is more to come, but those will have to wait until next weeked.

Also, the member section has been initiated with the work of Michele Jaquis. Some of the quicktime files may be a little spotty due to my incredibly slow upload rate – but I will get them up there so keep trying. More members will have work uploaded here and there during the summer.

A new feature project, Jeremy Quinn’s graduate architectural thesis about the relationship between Luxury and Architecture, has been posted as well. If you can make it through the whole manifesto, I applaud you. If you can’t take all that reading, skip to point 7 – its a sort of summation. Please feel free to comment on it. More to come on this of course, as this is only the end of the proposal phase.

We also had some exciting real-life adventures here at Rise this weekend. Survival Research Laboratories came to town and totally fucked shit up at Post Gallery downtown – many photos and a report are on the way about this one. Took in a show at Raid Projects too, there are a couple of shows from there in our files now, must put them up. And we made it up to Malibu to enjoy the true nature of Los Angeles, surf, sand and a 180 degree view of the Santa Monica mountains.

This Tuesday the extremely busy Michele will have work opening up on the Key Club’s Jumbotron on Sunset Blvd. An excerpt from her video “Uncertainties” is showing as a part of the “Movement” show curated by Ashley Emenegger. Justin Lincoln, Lauren Rothstein, Natasa Prosenc and S.E. Barnet will also have excerpts from their video work shown. The show is up until the Key Club finds something else to take its place, and runs on the hour and half-hour.

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