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Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks battle it out for the coffee market, with DD introducing espresso and lattes and Starbucks egding into DD territory – call it blue collar coffee vs. the “yuppie drinks”.

“To some Dunkin’ Donuts regulars, though, the new sophistication is a little too much. Pat Kelly, a 26-year-old Boston police recruit who drinks Dunkin’ Donuts coffee daily, refuses to try the new Dunkin’ products (and never goes to Starbucks). The only guy in his group of police buddies who tried a Dunkin’ latte got a razzing. ‘I’m not really a latte sort of guy,’ he says. ‘Those are yuppie drinks.'” ++++

-seen at TMN:

You know who I am rooting for… Mmmmm orange and magenta..

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