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David Horvitz sent me a link to his latest project, Memories of Amache. Normally I do not have the patience to read much online, but the subject matter and combination of images and text, even with some of the typos, kept my attention. I am reminded of my brief trip to the Japanese American National Museum, and how just standing in the reconstructed barracks from an internment camp I was overwhelmed with grief, as if I could feel the collective memory of pain that had become embedded in the structure. Although we debated this at the museum, the internment of the Japanese Americans is not unlike that of the Jews by the Nazis, and not unlike what had the potential to happen to the American Muslims after September 11th. I have been reading Avishai Marglit‘s The Ethics of Memory which explores the “healing power of the truth in the case of communal memories.” Maybe David has read this too.

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