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A UCLA fine art student’s Russian Roulette performance prompts the early retirement of Nancy Rubins and Chris Burden – famous for his performance Shoot where a friend shot him in the arm with a 22 caliber rifle.

“Standing in front of the class, Deutch pulled out a real-looking gun he had carved from wood. To make it seem genuine, Price said, Deutch had bought a .357 Magnum to use as a model — then returned it to the gun dealer. He inserted what appeared to be a bullet, spun the cylinder and put the barrel against his head.

Deutch pulled the trigger, producing a click. Then he dashed into an adjoining hall. His lawyer said that he had pre-positioned “a big firecracker” in a can there and that he set it off, producing a bang. Then Deutch returned to the room, where normally a discussion and critique would have followed. Instead, “it was pandemonium,” Deutch said in a telephone interview. “The idea of a class structure or any critical thinking was blown out of the water.'”

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