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Hmm. A little embarassing that I have not posted anything in a week while Tim here is on a roll with his Musical Tuesdays.. but so many things are going on.. and I have not had time to find the juicy news you all require..

Maybe I need to introduce some kind of architectural Wednesdays.. or Thursdays for that matter.

One thing I can say is that Mika Soma – a fine arts student over at Otis College of Art and Design, has joined me this semester as the official Rise Industries Intern. She has been helping out with wrapping up a big digital mural project I am working on (more later…) and we are currently putting together a magazine/art book that we hope to put out in several weeks. Its tentatively called Not Bad, and will deal with art/writing/photos/rememberances of Where We are From.. and Where We are. Places or environments lived in so to speak. Thats a loose idea though..

So – consider this a call for submissions.. if you have ideas for anything that can be printed (its going to be either color or black and white folded 11×17 format I think) and deals with your past or your current environment… drop me an email with an idea and we can talk.

Send to jquinn at

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