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M U S I C A L t u e s d a y s

Musical Tuesdays with Mister Don!!

Singalongs, motion songs, rhythm instruments, marching and dancing for ages 1 to 10.

Time: 10:30–11:30 a.m.
Cost: $5 for one child, $7 for two, $10 for three
Location: Jammin’ Java, Glyndon Shopping Center, 227 Maple Ave. East, Vienna

OK. Just kidding. Yeah, I was supposed to take over MT this week for Tim, and then forgot today was Tuesday because of the long weekend and the fact that I spent yesterday here jumping off a 20 foot cliff into icy water. Not the tall cliff there, the one on the left. I will try the tall one next time perhaps.

SO. For some reason, all this hiking around in the California woods (we were up around 4000-5000 feet in elevation, near Lake Arrowhead) got me to thinking about Appalachian music. Which I can hardly spell, let along describe. Read this here text for a brief history.

Then head over to this page of Old-Time Music Links and check out some of those destinations. I just put on WDVX out of Knoxville, which is currently playing some Banjo accompanied, shape-singer-sounding tracks. The nasally, compressed vocals seem just about right for a lazy tuesdsay morning. This station plays a mix of contemporary bands going old-timey type of music and older recordings from Appalachia.

You can find recordings on the Smithsonian Folkways site here. And here too. Hunt around in there for mp3 tracks too. I didn’t find any yet, but I have to get back to work now.


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