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A R C H I T E C T U R A L t h u r s d a y s (On Friday)

Sorry for the delay this week, had trouble with posting yesterday.

Well, this week the AIA national convention is in town, and for some reason I don’t find that very exciting. I went to a small alumni reception at SCI-Arc last night, where they had some cocktails, and the presentation boards on display from this years AIA LA Design Competition. Some good stuff up there, some not, and alot of the usual suspects. Lots of boards though, and if you are around town, worth taking a peek. But that too is not really interesting I suppose. There are a whole bunch of events happening around town in conjunction with the convention, parties, exhibits, that sort of thing. But, I am not really interested in those either. I know, I’m being kind of a drag here, but I just can’t get all excited about the AIA.

Well, I did find something very exciting out there on the world wide internet this week. Its a tiny tiny house, built as a city retreat for a couple who lives in the country, sort of a reverse get-away-from-it-all type of place. Its called the eXtra eXtra small house, and is designed by Dekleva Gregoric Arhitekti. The exterior shell was set by the codes governing the historical district it is in, and the architects simply crammed a lot of super-nice detailing into the resulting small spaces. Its slick, smooth, and seems put together by some king of detail-obsessed precision team of robots. That, and the welded steel ships stair is lovely, even though going down it must be scary. There is great documentation, lots of photos, and even drawings. But most of the text is Spanish I think. There is a brief english blurb at the end.

So, soak that one up, I doubt that anything quite that good will be found at the convention this week, but if you are going anyway, enjoy the free drinks!

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