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A R T F U L wednesdays

Yesterday, Michiko sent me an anouncement about her cover art for a new book published by Cloverfield Press. Looking at what other books they have published I came across Miranda July‘s work. I then spent hours wandering through her web project Learning To Love You More, which is basically a database of written and visual “reports” uploaded from all over the world in response to “assignments” such as “14. Write your life story in less than a day.” or “34. Make a protest sign and protest.” or “50. Take a flash photo under your bed.” It held my attention for so long perhaps for the same vouyeristic reasons people read personal blogs, however it was more engaging because of the variety of people responding to each assignment. While looking for that site today, in order to write about it, I came across another web project by July that is more affecting: How Will I Know Her is a collection of photographs of teenage girls holding photographs of someone they miss and haven’t seen in a long time due to circumstances beyond their control with text written by the girls about the person in the photo they are holding. My description may make it sound sentimental, but I think there is something more to it than that. It is about sharing experiences and giving others a venue to publicly say “I miss you.” even if the person they miss can’t hear them.

responding to Musical Tuesdays…
I found Os Mutantes. Nice! You should also check another group on Luaka BopZap Mama. I heard them when I was in college from my cousin’s huge music collection and have been hooked ever since.

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