Play-Jurisms is this weekend!

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Curious about how copyright and alternatives impact your creative work? Wondering how other creatives are using or misusing copyright? Want to know how to protect your work from being stolen– or how much of other people’s works you can include in your own?

Play-Jurisms is a 2-day series geared towards creatives. Over the weekend of May 21 and 22, 2011, we’ll have a number of events that address these important, and often confusing issues.

Saturday, May 21:
-130pm. Miguel Danielson, “Copyright Offense and Defense for Artists” (lecture)
-3pm. Sheri Mason, “Recent Trends in Artists Rights” (lecture)
-430pm. Massachusetts Pirate Party, “Culture Should be Shared, Not Monopolized” (lecture)
-7pm. “Sonic Outlaws” (documentary film)

Sunday, May 22:
-2pm. Don Schaefer. “Create, Don’t Appropriate: The Dangers of Misplaced Anger in the War on Corporate Mass Media Culture”
-315pm. “Panel Discussion: Artists Who Appropriate and the Art That They Make” (Alana Kumbier; Danny Mekonnen; Dirk Adams; Vela Phelan)
-430pm. Boston Radical Reference Collective “Workshop”/ “Show-And-Tell Discussion” (open to everyone who wants to talk)
-7pm. Gang Clan Mafia (multimedia performance)
-8pm. Factory Seconds (music performance)

Play-Jurisms is organized by David Taber and Tim Devin, and will be held at the Democracy Center near Harvard Square. All events are FREE!

See our website for a full description of events, etc.:
We love getting emails. We’re at: play.jurisms@gmail.comSee More

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