At Vermont Studio Center

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This month, and into the first week of June, I am doing a residency at Vermont Studio Center way up in Johnson, VT. That’s about two hours south of Montreal, and pretty much out in the country. It is rather beautiful. VSC hosts 50 artists every month of the year, making it the largest artist residency facility in the country. I have spent the last few days setting up my studio, getting settled in, meeting everyone, and even getting a little work done. I ran around a bit shooting photos on my trusty Yashica, and staged a video installation on the back of my studio building. I don’t really have a good title for it yet, so lets just call it Waterfall for now.

River soundtrack in the video is provided by the actual river, which is right behind where I shot this.

My studio is across the Gihon river from the mill building (photo at the top of this post), in the Barbara White studio building. Sharing the first floor with me are several printers and a photographer, and there are a slew of painters upstairs. If they let me, perhaps I can post some of their work later in the month.

Barbara White building.

VSC hosts writers as well as visual artists, and there is a pretty good mix of people working in different media so far. Tonight there will be artist slide talks, for those who want to share work, which I am really looking forward to.

My Studio

I will try to keep on a regular posting schedule while here, so check back for more in a few days!


Love it; in just a Short week you have done a lot; great photo’s; Hope you get to take some Pics of some Kayakers in the rapids; that will really look great with that camera and a tripod. Keep it comin, I just got a Friend greeting from Joy Mazzola (think she thought I was U or Nate) she has been all over the world, if that’s the one from Norwell-awaiting her reply that she is, then I send her you info)


Mom’s busy as three handed painter today at Town Elections on Overide, thousands will vote, probably new record.

Dad ( May 19, 2012 at 9:17 am )

Hi there,

I’m participating in a residency at VSC in November. I love the photo you took of the building. I am writing to ask if it would be alright with you to use it as an example of the site on my webpage. I’ll definitely highlight your photo credit with a link to your page.

Let me know! Looks like you had a great experience there.

All the Best,


Lesia ( October 11, 2013 at 9:05 am )