Mountain Mountain

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This past weekend I finally finished putting together my latest collection of songs/audio experiments. Mountain Mountain includes tracks from 2004-2009, some are soundtracks to video or installation works, others solo guitar performances or studio sound experiments using a handmade synthesizer, various small instruments, my trusty e-bow and layered delay effects.

The CD is available as a first edition of 100, signed and numbered on the inside of the fold and made right here in the Rise Industries studios. Its super DIY, handmade music.

The CD is $15.00
with 3.00 shipping and handling
1.50 S&H for each additional CD.
(from Jeremy J. Quinn Design store)

Payment accepted from either PayPal or credit card (with no need to sign in).
I will be shipping these up until the 19th of December, then I will resume on the 5th of January, so if you order in between those dates it will take a little longer to get.

Here are excerpts from each of the tracks:
01. The Winding Path 1:20

02. Soundtrack to Western Descender 8:11

03. Soliloquy 2:22

04. Curlicues and a Broad Marker 10:26

05. Sounds From the Afternoon (with Michael Feldman) 10:12

06. Whale Song 8:18

Bonus Track: Tetsuo Loses Control 5:30

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MM open


Congrats to you J! regarding the completion of this work. I am now hip to it and have ordered one for my very own to experience in my own personal space. This outcome of yours is exciting for me as fellow musician for me to hear your craft with your tools you bravely embrace and create textures of sound/frequency that challenge me to listen with a different vantage. Thanks for this one and again, you must be reflecting and informed by the effects of creation,Yours!


Justin ( January 28, 2010 at 4:44 pm )

Oh yes JQ, it is officially on, This “Mountain Mountain” is can’t wait!

Justin ( January 29, 2010 at 2:17 pm )