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I took several days off this past week, for birthday related activities, and ended up mostly cleaning and reorganizing my studio. Yesterday, I got fed up with this, and spent a few hours making a mix CD that I have wanted to make for months. I will most likely create a podcast version of it for download this weekend. Then you all can listen. So. I put a track by Wendy Carlos on it, because I knew of her work on A Clockwork Orange. I had not, however, realized she was so interesting or that she was involved in a couple of my other favorite films – The Shining, and Tron. She was one of the earliest users of the Moog synthesizer, and used it to create her first album in 1968. I also had not realized that she was a man earlier in life, taking the name Wendy after a sex change.
Now, I have to go to the record store and track down as much of her stuff as possible. I recommend you go find at least some. Or wait for my podcast, so you can hear Timesteps.

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