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Video Gaming Fridays

Yesterday I received the first part of my prize for winning the RetroBlast! Motivational Poster Contest (my poster was based on the classic Zork text game for the Commodore 64). So, I got a big box with a QuasiCON 2 Player Controller from Quasimoto Interactive. This is the sort of thing you install in your video game cabinet (only I dont have a cabinet yet), but it also works just fine on the coffee table. Plugs into my Playstation 2 (also works with PS3, Xbox, PC, etc…) and is ready to go. Now its all button bashing madness and retro-stick gaming. I set it up with my projector and the PS2 version of Asteroids (of course) and gave it a test run. Totally cool. SO we will have a little gaming party up in the Rise Studios this Sunday, if you are in the ‘hood. Here are a few pics.

I found some other good video game stuff out there this friday – like this old school Hamster Game I have been dying to get my hands on. Runs on pellets and water I hear.

And speaking of RetroBlast!, I found this cool video linked on their site showcasing the evolution of video game graphics over my lifetime. Starting of course with pong, then asteroids. The video is over at

Then I found this hot new calendar.. from Nerdcore. Pin-up girls with video-game consoles. It goes right on my Xmas list. Depending on where you work, this link is likely not work safe (nudies).

Lastly, but by no means leastly, this weekend there are two events at Telic in Chinatown (not the one in Boston, the one in LA):

(These take place among the installation Mario’s Furniture, by Hillary Muskin and S. E. Barnet, which we tested out on its opening night. I have to post a review/report from that too soon – but check the Telic web site below for more info on it.)

Friday, December 1, 2006 @ 7-10 PM

Saturday, December 2, 2006 @ 8 PM

Telic is happy to have two events on the final weekend of “Mario’s
Furniture 2,” an installation and game created by Hillary Mushkin and
S.E. Barnet. One is a screening of seven new games for a console with
five joysticks on Friday; and the other is a talk given by the artist
Adriene Jenik on Saturday. See below for more information.

TELIC Arts Exchange
975 Chung King Road Los Angeles, CA 90012
T: 213.344.6137

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