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Alright. Back from a bit of vacation. Holiday you know, might have noticed it yourself. Firstly was Hanukah. It gets spelled all kinds of different ways, so hopefully you know what I mean. That lasted one Beatles week (you know, eight days a week and all that). Then there was this whole Christmas thing, then the year sort of ended, and a new one started. That was a celebration too. Thanks from us to everyone who either came over, invited us over, or wished us a happy one or both of those holiday things. It was a great week, even though we didn’t get to hit the east coast this year to see family, friends, and the lovely cold snow.

We did do a few things. Went on a camping trip to the desert for one – Joshua Tree in the Mojave. For those who don’t live out west, the desert is a very nice place in winter. Its clear, sunny. Warmish during the day. That means could be 50 to 70 degrees most of the time. Coldish during the night, to sometimes being damn cold at night. We had nighttime temperatures in the mid 30s. Not bad. So, I put photos from the trip up on the flickr site – hit the link to your left-hand side there.

Also, since I can’t stay away from the computer for 10 days in a row (or even two apparently), I have started working on a complete site overhaul/redesign. This clunky late 90s interface is going away, and we will bring out some less clunky kind of thing. Possibly bright orange. I hope. Anway. The design is moving along, and several nice designer friends are helping me learn how to actually implement what I want to do. So, look for that maybe later this month, though it could take longer to move all our info over.

Alright. So lets get back to it.

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