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We checked out the Culver City art walk on Saturday this weekend. Lots of good stuff to see down there, though we didn’t make it to every space. I put a bunch of photos up in the Rise Industries flickr page.

Not to be missed is a powerful multi-media installation about the AIDS Quilt by Andrea Bowers over at Susanne Vielmetter. The three-channel documentary style video projection is in itself a reason to drive on down there. The scale of this work serves to give you an idea of the scale of the ongoing AIDS Quilt project, which is sadly growing larger and larger each year.

Another stand-out is Kitty Buck by Clare E. Rojas at Lizabeth Oliveria gallery. Its a large room installation of drawings, cut-outs, and painted wood patterns. The stylized and heavily patterned work in bright, flat colors hint at obscure narratives while reminding me of old handpainted furniture from my grandmother’s house. Its huge, detailed, and worth checking out in person.

[photos above: Travelogue by Matt Lucero, at LAX Art. So Many Daunting New Complexities by Karin Weiner, at Sixspace]

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